Hello and Welcome to my website. My name is Claire – Marie Forde and I specialise in Massage Therapy Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) & Nutrition.

I have an innate interest in the well being of others and from my earliest memories I have always assumed the role of mediator/ helper amongst my peers. I have since continued to grow nurture and expand my passion and interest for people over the course of my life.

I was introduced to bodywork/healing (through touch) from the age of 8 after suffering from migraines. The advice from Dr. Silkoff (an amazing doctor) to my mother was to massage my head prior to the onset of the symptoms. This was put into practice immediately resulting in almost instant pain relief. This instilled in me a belief in the power of touch and encouraged me to become an advocate of natural healing remedies to enhance well being rather than to seek healing through conventional medicine. Having said that, I must hasten to add, I do believe conventional medicine has it’s place and often has to be relied upon during the advanced stages of most ailments.

I would later explore a career in beauty and aesthetics where the gift of healing really started to draw the attention of my work colleagues and clients. This was to the point where at one stage I found myself engaging in bodywork exclusively. Following a period of time working in the city of London, I was presented with an opportunity which enabled me to continue my self employed status working from Harley Street in London. I also operate in and serve the local community.